Tips on Selecting the Best Wicker Outdoor Table

Are you in the market for a new wicker outdoor table? When you are searching for the right outdoor table, two of the factors you need to get right are its size and its shape. Get either one of these wrong and you won’t achieve the ambiance you hoped for on your patio.

Deciding on the size of your wicker outdoor table

The size of the available space is going to determine the size of your outdoor table and chairs setting, because a small table in a large area looks just as bad as a large table crammed into a small patio.

So the first thing you need to do is to take stock of the other items, such as a BBQ, water feature, bar or even a fire pit, and measure up the space that is left for your wicker outdoor table. Don’t forget that you will need enough space for people to walk around the table and to pull out chairs as well.

Tips on selecting the right shape for your wicker outdoor table

Wicker tables come in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangle and oblong. Some people have a preference for one shape over another, but it is usually the number of chairs you require that dictates the shape of your wicker outdoor table.

For example, if you prefer a square table, but you need to seat 8 people in a limited space, the table can become too big for the available space. However, the My Wicker Royale 8 Seater Wicker Outdoor Setting has a square table, but it is designed to be sleek and to take up a minimal amount of space.

Wicker Outdoor Table

Another wicker outdoor table is our oblong wicker table Royale 8 Seater Oblong Wicker Outdoor Dining Set is the perfect solution for brunches and BBQs, whilst our 5 Ways Modular Casual Dining Wicker Setting comes with a rectangular table and offers a range of different configurations.

With all of these options, you won’t have any problems finding the best size and shape wicker outdoor table for your next get-together with friends and family.


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