What is Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture and how to care for it? Sustainable hardwood choice!

What Is Acacia Wood?

Acacia is a dense, environmentally friendly hardwood that grows on all continent that is naturally resistant to bacteria. Acacia is commonly grown in Australia, South Africa, Southwestern USA, Central America, Mexico and Africa. Because these trees are so fast growing, harvesting acacia wood is a sustainable choice for furniture. Acacia can be easily farmed sustainably without destroying a habitat and support a wide range of industries – a big plus, as we move toward better ecological choices. strong>My Wicker has a number of acacia wood outdoor dining and patio furniture settings with acacia wood in different combinations. Additionally, acacia is an extremely durable wood. It resists water damage and scratching, is close grained, resistant to decay and is easy to care for and clean ( see more on care below) Acacia is also unpalatable to insects, making it an ideal timber for building items that need to be long lasting. It has been used as far back as the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament. Throughout generations, the Tabernacle had to be mobile, constantly being constructed, taken down and transported as the Israelites sojourned in the desert and its construction from acacia helped this to happen. Despite having a long history, acacia wood is still relatively unknown to many It has been used for many centuries now for the manufacture of ships, beams and posts.

How to care for Acacia Wood Tips

It requires little maintenance but for best long lasting results, here are some tips Basic Cleaning:

  1. Wipe down the wood with a soft cloth slightly moistened with warm water soapy water. Dry with a soft dry cloth or air drying is fine.
  2. Avoid cleaning tools with a rough surface
  3. Don’t use detergents or cleaners that have silicone or ammonia in them, as that can dry out the wood and cause cracking. Mild, soapy warm water is all you need to clean it
  4. Non-detergent liquid soap is best because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that might cause deterioration
  5. For an even more natural solution, try a mixture of water and white vinegar to remove tougher stains like bird droppings, sunscreens (both of which can cause permanent stains) mould and mildew Use a Preservative for Acacia wood:
  6. Acacia wood can be a little sensitive to prolonged direct sunlight, which means a pigmented finishing oil is preferred over transparent, this provides extra UV protection.
  7. Boiled linseed oil or tung oil is often used in commercial goods as the base ingredient for oiling outdoor wood furniture for its natural drying properties.
  8. You can also use a wax like Glitz furniture wax, furniture oil like Cabots Furniture Oil Using wax creates a harder finish and lasts longer. It does take longer than oils though, using oils is easier with a softer finish, but this needs doing more often.
  9. Waxing can be done approx. once per year, oiling twice a year to maintain your acacia wood in top condition.
  10. Take the extra 5 mins to cover your furniture when not in use for extended periods. This will help preserve your furniture and make maintenance easier, especially during the Aussie summer season!

With all these benefits and acacia also being a beautiful light wood, it is widely used for the manufacture of high end and custom made outdoor furniture for discerning buyers The Janka hardness rating for acacia is 1040 gs of force. It is 55% harder than white oak, 23% harder than hickory and 90% harder than bamboo. Acacia wood texture is naturally fine and smooth and much more resistant to scratches than other timbers. The grain varies between straight and wavy patterns and colours, mostly light amber. What makes them unique is no 2 grains are the same Taking the time to care for your outdoor furniture will protect your investment. Wipe it down and cover it and before summer, oil and wax.. OR pay the kids to do it! Our Care Tips above will make your furniture look better, last longer and always keep it in its best shape.

What kind of Outdoor Furniture Settings with Acacia wood do we sell?

My Wicker offer a variety of custom made acacia wood dining settings in 6 seater and 8 seater configurations – or buy chairs and tables separately! Norwich Acacia Wood 6 seater dining setting

This 6 seater setting is 2m length by 1m width, comfortably seating 6, with outdoor wicker dining chairs that come in vintage grey (pictured), licorice black and charcoal/hazelnut. The dining chair seat cushions come in a variety of european inspired colours, including black and white stripes, charcoal, grey/brown (pictured) and cream Norwich Acacia Wood 8 seater dining setting  This 8 seater setting is 2.5m length by 1m width, comfortably seating 8,comes with 8 outdoor wicker dining chairs, available in your choice of vintage grey, licorice black (pictured) and charcoal/hazelnut There are also acacia wood dining settings with industrial style cement tops. The cement table tops combine stone and poly resin with ash grey tones, making for a hard wearing chic industrial look “Veltis Acacia wood 8 seater dining setting with cement table top. A complete dining set with Outdoor safe table and chairs.”  This dining set features an industrial style cement table top, with contemporary Ponte chairs, perfect for a modern industrial theme. The table measures 2.5m length by 1m width and comes with 8 Ponte dining chairs Veltis 8 seater Acacia wood with cement table top and luxurious Ponte chairs This outdoor patio dining setting features an industrial style cement top and ultra luxurious oversized dining chairs, constructed of acacia wood legs and wicker stranded seating. The Ponte chairs are cushioned for comfort with charcoal grey seat cushions You can feel confident, as all My Wicker dining settings come with a money back guarantee and 2 year warranty