Weather covers for outdoor furniture?

Quality weather covers for outdoor furniture are an essential part of maintaining your patio furniture. After all, for most Australians, our outdoor entertainment areas are an extension of our homes and many of us spend as much, if not more time on the patio than indoors. Weather covers for patio furniture help to keep your outdoor furniture looking as good as new by protecting it from the elements, as well as from pets, pests, dust and bird droppings.

What are weather covers for outdoor furniture?

Essentially weather covers are waterproof coverings made from high-quality nylon that you can hose down to keep clean and are available in assorted sizes to fit all kinds of outdoor furniture. My Wicker weather covers for patio furniture have a drawstring to keep them in place during windy or stormy weather, cost between $80 to $145 and are available in black.

weather covers for outdoor furniture
weather covers for outdoor furniture

Five Reasons to invest in weather covers for your outdoor furniture

  1. Protection from UV damage: In Australia, the sun can be really fierce, not only fading your outdoor settings but causing them to rot and perish over time. Anything left outdoors for too long in the harsh sun will be damaged, so it’s essential that you cover all of your furniture that is not already undercover with a quality weather cover.
  2. Protection form bird and bat droppings: How often have you gone to an outdoor café and found bird droppings on the chairs and tables? The same thing can happen at home, even if your furniture is undercover. Birds can whizz through your patio, leaving their little messages all over your furniture and if you have bats in the area – the problem is even worse! Weather covers for outdoor furniture will completely cover all your outdoor furniture keeping them free from bird and bat droppings.
  3. Protection from pets: Aussies love their pets, but dog and cat fur all over the seating and cushions of your outdoor furniture can be a real pain. Pets can also leave dirty marks behind on the cushions, which can be embarrassing when friends visit and you want to sit outside. Weather covers for your patio furniture won’t prevent your pets from sitting on the furniture, but they will stop any damage, fur or dirt getting on your furnishings.
  4. Protection from dust: Within a few days of leaving furniture outdoors you can easily notice a collection of dust over everything. This can be sand, dirt or air pollution, depending on where you live, but whatever the cause, it means you have to constantly dust or even wash your outdoor furniture to remove this ‘dust’. With weather covers for outdoor furniture, all you have to do is to hose down the covers every now and again to keep them clean, because your furniture is nicely protected underneath the covers.
  5. Protection from rain: Whilst outdoor furniture settings and cushions contain inhibitors to prevent mould and mildew, going the extra mile and using outdoor weather covers for your patio furniture, is a sensible option. If left uncovered, rain can collect on the seats of the furniture, making it very unpleasant when you sit down! Collections of rainwater left un-noticed can also encourage mossies to breed – something we all could do without.

At My Wicker, we have quality weather covers for outdoor furniture that are small enough for a 2-seater lounge setting and big enough for a 10-seater setting. You can purchase your weather coverings at the same time as you purchase your outdoor patio settings or at another time. If you are buying your coverings at a later date – it’s best to contact us to ensure that they will fit your furniture properly.

To purchase a weather cover for your outdoor furniture, call us on 1300 886 541 or email for more information.