Top 4 places to use wicker furniture in your home

Are you wondering about the best places to use wicker furniture in your home? There’s just something about hand crafted, European style wicker furniture that brings a warm sense of nostalgia to a home. It’s the feeling of relaxation, tranquillity and comfort that makes wicker furniture endure while other trends come and go.

So if your interest has been piqued by this style of furniture, here’s our top 4 places where you’ll appreciate its use the most in your home.

1. Front balcony or porch

If you’re lucky enough to have a front balcony or porch with wonderful views then there’s nothing better than an outdoor wicker lounge setting. Choose the size and style that suits your space, whether that’s two chairs and a small coffee table or a lovely comfy lounge setting. Just imagine toasting your neighbours, as they walk their dogs in the late afternoon sunshine, whilst you’re relaxing on your beautiful, hand crafted, European style wicker furniture!

2. Outdoor entertainment spaces

Another of the best places to use wicker furniture in your home is your outdoor entertainment spaces. You can mix and match lounge and dining settings to create a cosy space for alfresco dining or a lazy afternoon spent with family and friends. Since all the pieces are lightweight, you can easily move them around to suit your entertainment needs.

3. Around the swimming pool

There’s nothing better than relaxing on a comfortable wicker chair or day bed around the pool on a hot summer day. All our wicker furniture is UV resistant with inhibitors to prevent mould and mildew providing total weather protection when left outside in the elements. They also look awesome in a poolside setting!

4. Enclosed patios or sunrooms

Finding stylish furniture to fill your enclosed sunroom or patio can be difficult, which is why our European style wicker furniture is so popular. We have matching ranges of casual seating and dining suites that will complement your décor and make using your enclosed patio or sunroom a sheer pleasure!

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