Tips for choosing the right Outdoor setting

Grey and cream outdoor sofa and table wicker set

Picking the right wicker outdoor setting brings comfort, function and if done right creates a stunning space to enjoy casual dining, relaxing and entertaining. It’s worth getting it right considering the benefits.


Here are some tips for picking the right wicker outdoor setting for your space

1. Wicker offers Easy care

Choose a setting that wont rust and won’t require regular maintenance. If you’re after a timber setting, teak is the preferred choice. Aluminium frame outdoor settings are perfect as they don’t rust, make sure the frame is powder coated for ultimate protection from the outdoor elements

Wicker is a perfect option as it’s very durable, sturdy, looks great and has a timeless appeal

For cushions, choose fabrics that wont fade and dry quickly and cushion inserts that are anti bacterial-you won’t want to run outside every time it rains to put cushions away

2. Comfortable and durable cushions

You get what you pay for, usually very low priced outdoor furniture have very thin cushions that can turn flat as a crepe before you know it. It’s worth getting the right cushions that are much thicker and will hold up over time.

3. Style

Will you be going for a fresh contemporary look or rustic aged look? Outdoor spaces are an extension of the inside so match up the theme inside the house to the outside. There is a wide range of fashionable colours and trends for wicker outdoor settings. Choose cushions with removable covers and a range of colours so you can change the look when you like.

4. Dual Purpose Outdoor Wicker Settings

Consider modular outdoor wicker settings, they have the advantage of multiple configurations so you can instantly change configuration and purpose. My Wicker 7 Ways lounge setting can be a U Shape setting, L Shape, stand alone 2 and 3 seaters or a massive daybed. Some settings can be a lounge and dining setting in 1, perfect for a smaller space where you want lounging and dining

5.   Plants add Colour and Life

We’ve all come across bare balconies when driving through our cities, often reminding us of the barren one at our own apartment and then suddenly we spot that one with the lush green walls, planters and hanging baskets and almost instantly feel uplifted.

If your balcony faces the brunt of the sun for the majority of the day then you’re only option is to go with full sun loving plants like Agaves, succulents, Australian natives and bromeliads.

If the opposite applies then shade loving plants like ferns, golden palms and peace lily are the way to go.

Visiting your local nursery for plenty of ideas

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