Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

5 Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for the Spring Season

With the weather warming up, spring is the perfect time to brush off all of your outdoor entertaining ideas that you have been thinking about during the winter season. The birds are singing, the flowers are budding and everything is right with the world!
There is nothing that warms the soul more than spending quality time with friends and loved ones over a home cooked meal or a perfectly cooked BBQ. Aussies love their outdoor entertainment areas and we love nothing more than sharing the fruits of our labours in good company.

So if you are ready to fire up the BBQ, here our 5 outdoor entertaining ideas that should give you plenty of inspiration for your next party or get-together.

Make sure the cushions of your outdoor dining chairs are clean and super comfy. If they are still good enough for another year, then give them a spring clean or replace them if they have seen better days.

Don’t worry about matching table wear, because a more bohemian and eclectic look is now quite trendy. This means that you can use all of your favourite table ware and not spend extra money to make it all match perfectly – this is one of our best outdoor entertaining ideas that helps you to save money!

Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

If your dining table is not undercover, then purchasing an outdoor umbrella is a good idea, particularly if you are entertaining during the hottest parts of the day.

Simple food is always best when eating outdoors, so go for a picnic style meal with lots of salads, quiches and cold drinks, and maybe even throw a few steaks on the BBQ for extra protein.
Creating an outdoor room is another of our awesome outdoor entertaining ideas, because rather than just having a table and chairs on the patio, an outdoor room gives a more intimate feeling to your brunch or dinner party and is something that everyone appreciates.

If your outdoor furniture is not up to scratch and needs to be replaced, check out our 8 seater square wicker dining patio set for extra outdoor entertaining ideas. With low delivery costs across Australia, you can afford to make everyone envious of your fabulous outdoor settings!

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