Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Our range of rattan furniture enhances your outdoor living experience and offers exceptional style, durability, and comfort. Dive into our diverse selection online and find the perfect pieces to elevate your garden, patio, balcony or any other outdoor space.

What is Rattan Outdoor Furniture?

Rattan outdoor furniture is crafted from the sturdy, flexible fibres of the rattan palm, which thrives in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa. This natural material is renowned for its lightweight yet robust characteristics, making it ideal for outdoor furniture. At My Wicker, we celebrate the beauty and versatility of rattan by incorporating it into various designs that blend style with functionality.

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Rattan vs Wicker: What is the Difference?

To a regular person who isn’t prone to the intricacies of manufacturing of outdoor furniture, it’s extremely hard to tell the different between rattan and wicker furniture, that’s why the two terms are often used interchangeably.

Rattan and wicker refer to distinct aspects of furniture making. Rattan is the material itself, derived from the tropical rattan palm. Wicker, on the other hand, describes the technique of weaving materials, which can include rattan among others. This weaving process gives wicker furniture its unique appearance and resilience, making it a beloved choice for home decor.

Does My Wicker use Rattan for all of its Products?

My Wicker sells a range of outdoor furniture. While we do sell some products that are 100% rattan, a lot of our furniture is made as wicker, which is the term used to describe the weaving technique of the materials used. The materials used often include rattan but can also include other materials.

Regardless of the materials used, all of our wicker furniture has the aesthetic, quality, and durability of rattan furniture. And, to someone who isn’t an expert in the manufacturing of outdoor furniture, they wouldn’t notice the difference between wicker products that do and don’t contain rattan.

Types of Rattan Furniture at My Wicker

Whether you’re looking to dine al fresco, lounge in the sun, or host evening gatherings under the stars, My Wicker has something to suit every occasion:

  • Outdoor Dining Sets: Perfect for enjoying meals outdoors, our rattan dining sets combine elegance with easy maintenance
  • Outdoor Lounge Sets: Create a serene retreat with our comfortable and stylish lounge sets, designed to withstand the elements
  • Outdoor Patio Sets: Transform your patio into a vibrant entertaining area with our versatile patio sets
  • Outdoor Patio Chairs: Our patio chairs offer a blend of comfort and sophistication

Benefits of Buying Rattan Furniture from My Wicker

Choosing My Wicker for your rattan outdoor furniture brings numerous advantages:

Online Convenience

Browse and purchase from our extensive collection with just a few clicks.

Diverse Range

Our furniture comes in various styles to match any outdoor setting.

Durability and Longevity

We use high-grade UV-resistant rattan, ensuring that your furniture remains beautiful and functional year after year.

Pros and Cons of Rattan Furniture


  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Natural tones and textures add warmth and character to outdoor spaces
  • Lightweight: Easy to rearrange and handle
  • Strong and Durable: Capable of withstanding the rigours of outdoor use when properly maintained


  • Weather Sensitivity: While highly durable, natural rattan must be protected from prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. That’s why we recommend purchasing weather covers. We also recommend regularly washing your furniture with a mild soap and water solution

The Rattan Used in My Wicker’s Furniture

At My Wicker, we primarily utilise synthetic rattan, known for its resilience and suitability for various weather conditions. This choice ensures that our furniture is not only environmentally sustainable but also superior in durability, maintaining its allure without the extensive maintenance required by natural rattan.

Explore our website to discover the perfect rattan furniture that promises to transform your outdoor living space into a haven of comfort and style. Connect with us for more information on our products and custom options designed to cater to your specific needs.


Rattan outdoor furniture is crafted from the fibres of the rattan palm, a naturally strong, flexible, and lightweight material. This category includes various items such as dining sets, lounge pieces, and chairs designed specifically for outdoor environments. Its natural aesthetic and robust nature make it a favourite for enhancing outdoor living spaces.

Rattan refers to the actual material sourced from the rattan palm, whereas wicker is a technique of crafting furniture through weaving. Wicker furniture can include materials like rattan, making rattan one type of material used in wicker products. This weaving process grants wicker its distinctive look and resilience.

To ensure the longevity of your rattan furniture, follow these tips:

  • Regularly clean by wiping with a soft cloth and mild soapy water.Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions, cover your furniture or store it indoors during harsh weather
  • For natural rattan, occasionally treat with lacquer or a waterproof sealant to protect against moisture and fading
  • Consider purchasing a weather cover

While rattan furniture is robust, exposure to harsh elements can affect its longevity. Natural rattan should be protected from prolonged rain to prevent damage, while synthetic rattan is typically more durable and weather-resistant. However, using covers or storing your furniture indoors when not in use is recommended to preserve its appearance and structure.

Rattan furniture is designed not only for style but also for comfort. Our furniture typically includes cushions made with high-quality, weather-resistant materials, ensuring comfort that complements the aesthetic value of the furniture.

With proper care, natural rattan furniture can last several years. Synthetic rattan furniture, made with high-grade materials resistant to UV and weather conditions, can last even longer, making it a worthwhile investment for your outdoor space. Regular maintenance and protection from extreme conditions will significantly extend the life of your rattan furniture.