Rattan, Cane vs Wicker, What’s the Difference?

There are 2 types of rattan, cane and wicker, natural and synthetic – and both are used to make different furniture and objects for cane wicker outdoor furniture

Let us explore Rattan, Cane and Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Natural cane or rattan is made for a wide range of products and furniture including chairs, dining tables, bedside tables, coffee tables , screen and  furniture accompaniments like placemats, rugs, baskets
Synthetic cane or PE (Polyethylene (PE) resin rattan ( also known as resin wicker or polyrattan) is a manmade material and is mainly used for outdoor furniture including dining tables, sofa lounges, ottomans, storage boxes and sun lounges
Synthetic Wicker furniture is all hand-woven, making the quality superior and very durable.
Synthetic wicker materials give the same appearance as natural cane fibers, but they have a far longer lifespan outside. For this reason, polyethylene wicker is preferred choice for outdoor furniture because of its ability to withstand all the elements of mother nature i.e. sun, rain, UV, wind!

Natural VS Synthetic Styling and Design:

Both the natural and synthetic rattan garden sets come in different styles.
Variants in designs and shapes make both look equally appealing. Both natural and synthetic cane and wicker have a wide range of choices whether it be for outside or internal dining and lounging

Natural VS Synthetic Outdoor furniture: Durability

Natural cane is very strong and durable, but it cannot stand all weather conditions, so natural cane furniture is not suited for the outdoors. They are designed to kept indoors and cared for properly.
Synthetic outdoor wicker furniture on the other hand is mostly made of plastic. This makes it resistant to all weather conditions.
The synthetic wicker sets are rigid and durable too. With proper care, these sets last a very long time even if kept outdoors. Above all, the durability of your wicker garden set will depend on the quality of fibre used. We provide all our buyers with the best quality synthetic wicker outdoor furniture.

Natural VS Synthetic Outdoor furniture:  Comfort

Nobody wants an uncomfortable outdoor furniture area in your garden. Taking into account comfort is very important. Both the natural and synthetic wicker garden sets are equally comfortable. Moreover, both these sets come with cushions which further enhance the comfort level.  My wicker uses extra thick cushions for ultimate comfort

Natural VS Synthetic Garden Sets: Care and Maintenance

Cleaning both the natural and synthetic wicker outdoor furniture is very easy. You simply clean with mild soapy water. Maintaining your synthetic wicker outdoor furniture is easy as it uses weather proof material to withstand all weather conditions. However, protection should applied to your natural wicker outdoor furniture set, it requires extra maintenance. You can cover your garden set with some water proof material or give it a lacquer

At My Wicker, we offer a range of different wicker, rattan and cane furniture. From cane lounge and cane dining sets to rattan lounge and rattan dining sets.

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