All Weather Wicker Furniture Covers

Dining Setting Covers are custom made to cover the entire table and chairs

Available for all Dining settings and Lounge Settings

  • 2 seater lounge weather covers – $79
  • 3 seater lounge, 5 ways lounge setting and 5 seater chaise weather covers – $99
  • 5 ways casual diner, and 6 seater dining setting weather covers – $119
  • 7 ways lounge setting, L shape lounge, 8 seater square and oblong dining weather covers – $129
  • 7 ways casual diner weather covers – $139
  • Gartemoebe 10 seater and Royale 10 seater dining weather covers – $149
  • Grand Gartemoebe outdoor lounge setting – $159


If you would like to order these on its own, there will be an additional cost for postage.

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You can order weather covers in the drop down box at time of ordering your product.

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All Weather Wicker Furniture Covers

Available for all lounge and dining settings.

These All Weather Wicker covers are custom made to the highest standards.