Wicker Dining Settings Indoor/Outdoor. Chairs, Patio and Lounge sets also available.

A extensive range of wicker and other outdoor dining settings, chairs and tables in a variety of styles and colours choices, including cushion fabrics and covers. A full range of outdoor high spec wicker dining furniture for your home, deck and patio!


My Wicker provides a large variety of high quality wicker outdoor dining settings. We supply : Wicker Chairs, Wicker Outdoor Chairs, Outdoor Dining settings, Outdoor chairs and more in a range of styles, shapes and colour choices.

Hand crafted, timeless outdoor wicker dining modular furniture sets for Dining, Lounge & Patios. My Wicker has a huge range with a selection of colours & fabrics (including stripes). Our outdoor wicker dining sets are made with the highest quality materials and are built to last! Money Back Guarantee & 2 Year Warranty
with Nationwide shipping!

My Wicker Outdoor Furniture can help you create the perfect outdoor dining settings for your home. Call for a free consultation
1300 886 541 now or view our range at our Showrooms!

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  • Sale!

    Cube 5-piece Wicker Dining Setting

  • Sale!

    Gartemobe 5-Piece Patio Dining Setting

  • Sale! 6 Seater Outdoor Wicker Dining Setting, Charcoal Hazelnut with charcoal fabric

    Gartemobe 7-Piece Oblong Dining Setting

  • Sale! Gartemoebe 8 Seater Outdoor Dining Setting Charcoal Hazenut with charcoal fabric

    Gartemobe 9-Piece Oblong Dining Setting

  • Sale!

    Gartemobe Compact Cube Dining Setting, 9 Piece

  • Sale! 5 ways Lounge Diner Setting charcoal hazelnut with charcoal fabric

    Five Ways Modular Deluxe Diner Wicker Setting

  • Sale! Royale 8 Seater Oblong Outdoor Wicker Dining Patio Set Charcoal withc charcoal fabric cushions

    Royale 9-Piece Oblong Dining Setting

  • Sale! Royale 8 Seat Outdoor Wicker Licorice Black with black and white stripe fabric

    Royale 9-Piece Square Dining Setting

  • Sale! Seven Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Diner Setting charcoal hazelnut with charcoal fabric

    Seven Ways Outdoor Diner Lounge Wicker Furniture Setting

  • Sale! 8 Seat Square Outdoor Wicker Dining setting with charcoal fabric

    Gartemobe 9-Piece Square Dining Setting

  • Sale! Royale 10 Seater Outdoor Wicker Dining Setting in Charcoal fabric

    Royale 11-Piece Dining Setting

  • Sale! Outdoor Wicker Dining Patio setting 10 seater, Charcoal colour

    Gartemobe 11-Piece Dining Setting

  • Sale! Cancun Outdoor Dining setting Acacia wood table with ponte wicker chairs

    Cancun 7-Piece Acacia Wood Dining Table With Ponte Chairs

  • Sale! Contemporary Cancun Outdoor Dining Setting with Acacia Wood Table and 6 Gartemobe Wicker Chairs 

    Cancun 7-Piece Acacia Wood Dining Table Set with Gartemobe Chairs

  • Sale! cancun 9 piece outdoor dining setting

    Cancun 9-Piece With Ponte Chairs

  • Sale! Norwich 8 Seater Outdoor Wicker Dining

    Norwich 9-Piece Dining With Ponte Chairs

  • Sale! Outdoor dining 8 seater setting with Cancun acacia wood table and wicker chairs

    Cancun 9-Piece Dining Setting With Gartemobe Wicker Chairs

  • Sale! Norwich karlstad 8 seater

    Norwich 9-Piece Dining Setting With Karlstad Chairs

  • Sale! Norwich Dining Setting

    Norwich 9-Piece Dining With Gartemobe Chairs

  • Sale! Ponte chairs with grey brown fabric

    Ponte Wicker Dining Chair Acacia wood legs

  • Sale! Cancun dining table

    Cancun Outdoor Wood Dining Table

  • Sale! Cancun dining table 180 cm

    Cancun Outdoor Wood Dining Table

  • Sale! Norwich Outdoor Dining wicker setting Gartemoebe chairs vintage grey

    Norwich Acacia Outdoor Wood Dining Table

  • Sale! 8 piece outdoor dining setting showing 4 black bucket chairs industrial cement top, wooden based rectangular table

    Veltis Outdoor Dining Industrial Concrete Table Top