Outdoor wicker furniture cushion covers new or replacements?

Change Of Season, Change Of Colours When the seasons change, you can make your outdoor space a more magical experience, just by adding the right new outdoor cushion cover colours and other accessories! Using colour palettes and shades help to set the overall tone of your space, while also reflecting your personality. Colour can also affect your emotions, so think about the mood you would like your space to convey. For instance, bright colours like yellow is a cheerful colour that reminds you of the sun, shades of blue can be calming and reds symbolise passion.  Or, if you decorate with all shades of white or ivory, the overall effect is a serene and relaxing space. Mixing stripes and shades of the same colour adds depth giving your outdoor space its own custom style. The stripes and shades don’t need to match each other, it’s enough for them to coordinate and go together. Though outdoor fabrics have become more decorative, you can still have your outdoor space be an extension of your home by decorating the outdoors just like your indoor rooms. If you want a serene and calm outdoor space and colour isn’t your thing, you can keep it simple sticking with neutrals. By taking cues from the understated elegance of a subdued style can be accomplished by mixing grays and neutral tones Pictured below, the earthy charcoal tones paired with cream and charcoal scatter cushions create a cohesive elegant look- ideal for autumn and winter

Seven Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Diner Setting
Seven Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Diner Setting

If you are wanting to add new colours and patterns, there are no rules, but there are some tips you can use: When combining patterns, companion fabrics are a great way to mix them and keep in mind that they don’t need to ‘match’.  Using companion colours  throughout your space adds visual interest as well. Pictured below we maintain neutral colours for the outdoor wicker lounge sofa cushion covers complimented with a splash of colour using the burnt orange and lime green scatter cushions. This pop of colour is ideal for spring and summer and these funky, bold colours will bring more attention to where the party is and make it easy to set up for special events and entertaining nights

Grand Outdoor Wicker Setting, Charcoal Hazelnut with Charcoal fabric
Grand Outdoor Wicker Setting, Charcoal Hazelnut with Charcoal fabric

Stripes can go with almost any colour, and when combining multiple colours, you create a beautiful combination of patterns and infusion of colour. Pictured below we have black and white striped lounge sofa cushion covers paired with solid cream and black scatter cushions. The solid cream scatter cushions work well with any colours and always looks fresh, elegant and inviting. The solid black scatter cushions provide classic and stunning finish to this colour palette

5 Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Setting, Licorice Black with BW Stripes
5 Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Setting, Licorice Black with B/W Stripes

  To finish off, add the maestro touch to your outdoor furniture cushion covers with accessories.  Looking at the moodboard below, we have a variety of accessories

  • Outdoor rugs in different colour patterns and tones. Outdoor rugs will add depth and character to the space, tie it together and make it feel more welcoming.  They don’t need to be used all year round, you can bring it out for a special occasion or entertaining events.
  • Market or cantilever umbrellas is another great way to tie the space together and is a functional accessory to shade the space. Outdoor spaces are like another room now, having a market or cantilever umbrella adds a pop of colour, defines the space and provides a cohesive link to your indoor area
  • Outdoor plants are a must have for your outdoor space, they add body and depth to an area which otherwise can seem bare. In the moodboard below, the bottom right hand picture illustrates the difference outdoor plants can have in your space.  The plants used have a layered effect adding depth to the space-looks and feels bigger than what the space actually is. It also brings the space to life and creates a relaxing atmosphere

  outdoor cushion covers moodboard

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