Outdoor Wicker Chair Sets with cushions – Durable Acacia Wood and Weatherproof properties

We regularly get asked what sorts of chairs we carry and IF extra outdoor wicker chairs can be purchased separately or to add to any of our Patio or Dining Settings.
The answer is Yes!
We have several outdoor Wicker chair sets with cushions in our ranges, some with the option of acacia wood

Creating multiple spaces with extra chairs and seating for people. means you’ll have an outdoor set-up that invites people in and encourages them to stay, get comfortable connect and chat.
These ‘zones’ can be anything from different spots to sit on out the deck or patio courtyard, modular settings around a pool or even totally separate zones in a bigger backyard, that can be constantly re configured and arranged to suit the occasion.
That is the beauty of the complete My Wicker ranges.

Remember the old brittle plastic outdoor furniture your parents had in the past?
Thankfully , these days we have so many choices in quality pieces made from timber, aluminium or composite material like resin/PE wicker.
You do have to do regular maintenance to keep your furniture looking it’s best, as the harsh Australian weather can wreak havoc with anything left outside for long periods.

We have some Cleaning Tips to help you to get rid of the salt, dust and grime that over the long term may damage your outdoor wicker settings.
Timbers, even durable acacia wood and sustainable eucalyptus need a touch of oil every once in a while.