Outdoor Living Australia

Black/grey wicker chairs and table outside

Outdoor living is a natural part of living in Australia and we all love our outdoor entertainment areas at home. One of the problems however, is in finding the right type of furniture for our external areas. After all, we don’t want to spend good money on making our outdoor living areas look fabulous and then a year or two later it is all faded, weather worn and mouldy!

Outdoor living Australia and it’s benefits

Wicker has been used to create furniture since the Egyptians and with today’s technological advances, Wicker is a very durable, weather resistant and good looking material for your external entertainment areas. It is also very affordable and is very long lasting.

Wicker furniture is perfect for outdoor living in Australia

  1. Highly Durable: Today’s Wicker furniture is perfect for outdoor living in Australia.
    It is weather resistant and can be left out in the rain all year round.
    Whilst our Wicker furniture is designed for the outdoors and is very durable, you can extend its life even longer by keeping it under a covered patio or using our all-weather covers for extra protection.
  2. Easy to Maintain: You will have no problems keeping your new Wicker furniture looking as good as new for many years into the future.
    Simply wipe it over with a damp cloth whenever you notice that it needs a little spruce up and that’s all you need to do.
  3. Looks great: If you want stylish and modern furniture for your outdoor living spaces, you can’t go wrong with Wicker furniture.
    We offer complete patio sets, dining and lounge settings in very popular modern colours: charcoal hazelnut brown or liquorice black for the Wicker with black and white stripes, grey brown, charcoal or cream for the cushions.
  4. Very affordable: Depending on the size of your outdoor living area, you can purchase all of your furniture at a very reasonable price.
    The added benefit is that it is long lasting, durable and will keep looking fabulous for years and years.

If you want to investigate how our Wicker furniture can give you a fabulous outdoor living area, check out our patio sets, dining settings and lounge settings or visit one of our showrooms. Based in Sydney, Australia.

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