Outdoor Furniture Wollongong

My Wicker has an exclusive collection of outdoor furniture that captures the essence of Wollongong’s stunning seaside and escarpment backdrop. Designed for the vibrant and dynamic lifestyle of Wollongong, our furniture collection provides durability, comfort and elegance, perfect for enjoying the region’s picturesque beaches and lush, green landscapes.

Outdoor Sets in Wollongong

Our outdoor settings are tailored to meet the unique needs of Wollongong residents. Whether you’re hosting a large family barbecue or a quiet sunset dinner for two, our versatile collections offer something for every occasion and setting. With robust materials and stylish designs, these pieces create the perfect outdoor ambience for enjoying Wollongong’s mild climate and beautiful natural scenery.

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Wicker Outdoor Furniture Wollongong

Discover the perfect blend of style and practicality with our wicker outdoor furniture in Wollongong. Each piece is constructed to withstand the coastal elements while offering a relaxed elegance that complements Wollongong’s outdoor settings. From beachfront homes to hillside terraces, our wicker furniture enhances any outdoor area, providing a comfortable and inviting space to unwind or entertain.

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All Weather Furniture Covers

Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Cover


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Outdoor Chairs Wollongong

Elevate your outdoor space with our selection of outdoor chairs, crafted to offer comfort and sophistication. Ideal for Wollongong’s diverse environments, from the bustling city to the tranquil suburbs, these chairs are perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or relaxing after a day at the beach. With their stylish designs and durable construction, they provide a chic yet functional addition to any patio or garden.

3 piece patio set consisting of 2 black wicker chairs and small black wicker table
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Outdoor Lounge Furniture Wollongong

Create your own retreat with our outdoor lounge furniture, designed for the ultimate relaxation and socialising experience in Wollongong. These pieces are made to fit seamlessly into the coastal lifestyle, providing luxurious comfort and ample seating for gatherings of friends and family. Configurable to suit any space, our lounge sets are as versatile as they are durable, ideal for both sunny days and balmy evenings.

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Patio Furniture Wollongong

Let your patio become a stylish sanctuary with our exclusive range of patio furniture. Each item is chosen to enhance Wollongong’s unique blend of urban and natural beauty, making your outdoor space a focal point for relaxation and entertainment. Our patio furniture sets are built to last and styled to impress, ensuring they look great year after year.

2 black wicker chairs with cream pillows and black wicker table on grey patio
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Delivered to Your Door in Wollongong

We provide a seamless delivery experience to all areas of Wollongong, ensuring that your new outdoor furniture arrives promptly and in perfect condition. Whether you live near the iconic lighthouses or in the quiet hinterlands, our efficient delivery service makes it easy to upgrade your outdoor living spaces without hassle.

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Our wicker outdoor furniture is particularly suited to Wollongong’s coastal environment, offering resistance to salt spray and humidity while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Whether you’re designing a cosy corner for quiet reflection or a spacious deck for lively gatherings, our furniture provides the perfect combination of functionality and style.

Choose My Wicker for a blend of quality, durability and elegance that elevates any outdoor setting in Wollongong, crafted to meet the unique lifestyle and climatic challenges of this beautiful coastal city.


Our wicker outdoor furniture is designed with durability in mind, specifically tailored for coastal climates like Wollongong. It’s constructed from high-grade synthetic materials that resist UV rays and moisture, ensuring longevity even when exposed to salt air and the damp, seaside conditions prevalent in the area. Regular maintenance can further enhance its durability, keeping your furniture in pristine condition year-round.

The furniture comes mostly assembled. However, you may need to assemble certain parts of the furniture. For example, in most table and chair sets, the chairs come fully assembled but the legs might need to be assembled to the table.

During the colder, wetter months in Wollongong, it’s important to take extra care of your outdoor furniture. Storing cushions indoors when not in use will protect them from moisture and mildew. For wicker, metal, or wood furniture frames, we recommend using tailored covers that shield against rain and prevent the buildup of moisture, which can lead to damage over time. Regular cleaning before storage and periodic checks can also help maintain the furniture’s condition.

We offer several delivery options to suit your convenience and ensure safe and timely arrival of your furniture in Wollongong. Options include standard delivery, which typically takes a few business days and express services if you need your furniture sooner. All deliveries are handled by experienced carriers to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition.

To secure outdoor furniture against high winds, particularly in coastal areas like Wollongong prone to sudden gusts, use furniture weights or tie-down straps. These can be attached to the furniture and secured to a permanent structure like a deck or heavy-duty ground anchors. Additionally, storing smaller items or stacking chairs can prevent them from being blown over or away during high wind events.

Outdoor furniture can transform any external space into a functional, inviting extension of your home. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a cosy balcony, the right pieces can create a comfortable setting for relaxation and entertainment. For Wollongong homes, where the climate is conducive to spending much time outdoors, having quality outdoor furniture means more enjoyable barbecues, sunset viewings and morning coffees in the fresh air.