Outdoor Furniture in Australia buying surge during Pandemic

The demand for Outdoor Furniture in Australia has exploded during the Covid Pandemic

Since going without the usual travel abroad and domestically, Australians have instead set about creating an oasis in their homes & backyards! Have you bought yours?

A recent Commbank research report stated “More recently, the pandemic has led to ‘cocooning’ and a rush on items that could help consumers improve their work and living spaces as they spend more time at home.”
Philip MacGregor, Managing Director of leading independent hardware retailer Hardware & General says “People were turning to us to supply everything you could possibly put into your home, Given our focus on serving our customers, we wanted to make sure people knew it was safe to trade with us, but we also needed to manage our supply chain to meet stronger demand.”

It’s been an ideal time to buy Outdoor Furniture in Australia, and get to enjoy the best from your home and outdoor spaces,  not just during the pandemic but long after too.
But demand is high and supply is lower. So invest and buy now to secure your chosen look and furniture!

My Wicker pride themselves on offering quality, durable Outdoor Furniture specifically for the Australian market.
Our outdoor lounge, dining and patio settings have more depth, more width, thicker and firmer cushions.
This, combined with exclusive range of ‘on trend’ fashion colours like Black and White stripes, Charcoal and Hazelnut fabrics and material mixes, it’s a stunning and eye catching look

5 Ways Outdoor Furniture Australia Wicker Lounge Setting, Licorice Black with black and white fabric
5 Ways Outdoor Furniture Australia Wicker Lounge Setting, Licorice Black with black and white fabric
Royalle 10 seater (11 piece) Outdoor Dining Set 
Royalle 10 seater (11 piece) Outdoor Dining Set

My Wicker outdoor furniture settings are built to last and withstand the harsh Australian conditions, backed up with a money back guarantee and 2 Year Warranty|
My Wicker are a family owned Australian business with their head office in Chatswood, Sydney. They were established in 2012. If you buy from My Wicker, you are supporting a great Australian small business

My Wicker have received fabulous feedback from it’s customers since 2012! You can check out our Testimonials and feedback on Facebook and  Product Reviews Australia

My Wicker have all their outdoor furniture custom made and sell directly from their warehouses to the public, you can buy directly from them saving you between 25-60% off comparable retail prices.
You can order directly from them either online or visit one of their warehouse showrooms to inspect, purchase and pick up.

Call us or Contact Us for an appointment to view.