Outdoor Furniture Gold Coast

Let the relaxed seaside vibes of the Gold Coast meet exceptional style and durability when you buy outdoor furniture from My Wicker. Designed to complement the Gold Coast’s sun-drenched patios and lush, tropical gardens, our furniture collection enhances every moment spent outdoors, from sunny mornings to starlit evenings.

Outdoor Sets in Gold Coast

Our range includes everything from compact cafe-style settings for intimate beachside balconies to larger, luxurious arrangements suitable for sprawling backyard oases. These pieces are tailored to enhance the unique blend of indoor and outdoor living that is a hallmark of the Gold Coast.

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Wicker Outdoor Furniture in the Gold Coast

For those who embody the Gold Coast’s laid-back, beachfront lifestyle, My Wicker offers premium wicker outdoor furniture that combines durability with sophisticated design. Perfect for beach houses and high-rise balconies alike, our wicker furniture is built to withstand the coastal elements while adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting.

Best Sellers in the Gold Coast

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All Weather Furniture Covers

Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Cover


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Outdoor Chairs in the Gold Coast

Capture the essence of coastal living with our outdoor chairs, designed to offer both style and comfort under the Gold Coast sun. Whether you’re soaking up the views from a high-rise terrace or lounging poolside in a suburban haven, our chairs provide the perfect balance of support and relaxation, making them a must-have for any Gold Coast home.

3 piece patio set consisting of 2 black wicker chairs and small black wicker table
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Outdoor Lounge Furniture in the Gold Coast

Embrace the Gold Coast’s vibrant social scene with our outdoor lounge furniture. Ideal for gatherings or solitary retreats, these lounge sets are crafted to be as functional as they are beautiful, ensuring they stand up to the Gold Coast’s sunny days and salty air. With various styles and configurations available, there’s a perfect match for every outdoor area.

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Patio Furniture in the Gold Coast

Transform your patio into a stylish sanctuary with My Wicker’s patio furniture. Specially designed for the Gold Coast lifestyle, our furniture pieces bring comfort and luxury to your outdoor space, making it the perfect setting for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet afternoon by yourself.

2 black wicker chairs with cream pillows and black wicker table on grey patio
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Delivered to Your Door in the Gold Coast

We offer efficient delivery services across the Gold Coast, ensuring that your new wicker outdoor furniture arrives at your home with ease and convenience. Whether you live near the bustling streets of Surfers Paradise or the serene shores of Coolangatta, our delivery team provides quick and reliable service, with detailed information on delivery times and costs available at checkout.

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Whether upgrading a small balcony with a few elegant chairs or outfitting a large deck with a full set of luxurious furniture, My Wicker makes it easy to bring style and comfort to your Gold Coast home. With our comprehensive online selection and efficient local delivery, creating your perfect outdoor retreat has never been simpler.


Our outdoor furniture is crafted with premium materials designed to handle the Gold Coast’s salty air, intense sunlight, and occasional rain. The wicker we use is UV-resistant and treated to withstand moisture and salt, ensuring it remains durable and aesthetically pleasing year-round.

We provide a wide range of outdoor furniture suitable for the Gold Coast lifestyle, including wicker outdoor furniture sets, stylish modular lounges, comfortable outdoor chairs, and expansive dining sets. Each piece is designed to enhance both the functionality and the beauty of your outdoor living space.

Absolutely! Many of our furniture sets are modular and can be arranged in various configurations to utilise your outdoor space, whether it’s a compact balcony or a sprawling garden. We also offer a selection of styles and colours to match your home’s decor.

Wicker is incredibly versatile and robust, making it ideal for the varying conditions of the Gold Coast. It provides a classic look that complements both modern and traditional architecture, and its lightweight nature makes it easy to rearrange or store as needed.

To prolong the life of your outdoor furniture, clean it regularly with mild soapy water and a soft brush. During extreme weather conditions or when not in use for extended periods, it’s advisable to cover your furniture or store it in a dry place. Regular maintenance helps prevent salt and dirt build-up that can wear down materials over time.

Yes, we provide efficient and reliable delivery services throughout the Gold Coast area. Our team ensures that your furniture is delivered promptly and set up according to your specifications, with all delivery details provided at the time of purchase for your convenience.

Yes, we are committed to sustainability and offer furniture that uses eco-friendly materials and production processes. This includes recycled fabrics and non-toxic finishes, ensuring our products are as good for the planet as they are for your home.

Choosing My Wicker means selecting a brand known for quality, durability, and style. Our outdoor furniture is tailored to meet the demands of the Gold Coast’s lifestyle, providing comfort, elegance, and practicality to make the most of your outdoor space. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence ensures you receive the best possible experience.