Outdoor Furniture Adelaide

Explore the elegance of outdoor living in Adelaide with My Wicker’s premium selection. Known for its Mediterranean climate and beautiful natural settings, Adelaide is the perfect backdrop for our stylish and durable outdoor furniture, crafted to make every moment outside as beautiful as it is comfortable.

With its blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy, Adelaide offers an ideal environment for outdoor living. My Wicker’s range is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of Adelaide’s varied outdoor spaces and lifestyles.

From modular settings that cater to family barbecues in spacious backyards to elegant, compact furniture for apartment balconies overlooking the city, My Wicker has options for every type of outdoor area. Each piece is designed to enhance the natural beauty and functionality of Adelaide homes, encouraging outdoor living and entertaining.

Outdoor Sets in Adelaide

Adelaide’s homes, from coastal retreats to urban hideaways, are ideal canvases for My Wicker’s outdoor settings. Our collections range from small, intimate groupings perfect for Adelaide’s cosy courtyards to larger, elegant arrangements ideal for more expansive gardens, helping to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

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Wicker Outdoor Furniture in Adelaide

As Adelaide enjoys sunny days and clear, cool evenings, My Wicker emerges as the leading choice for wicker outdoor furniture in Adelaide. Our wicker furniture is celebrated for its durability under the sun and its classic yet contemporary design, making it a stylish choice for enhancing Adelaide’s charming alfresco lifestyle.

Our wicker outdoor furniture in Adelaide is built to last, crafted from materials that can withstand the local climate while offering a timeless aesthetic appeal. This furniture is not just about function; it’s about creating a space where memories are made.

Adelaide Best Sellers

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All Weather Furniture Covers

Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Cover


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Outdoor Chairs in Adelaide

My Wicker’s outdoor chairs enhance any Adelaide patio or garden. Known for their robustness and aesthetic appeal, these chairs are designed to offer a retreat in Adelaide’s serene outdoors, whether you’re enjoying a quiet morning coffee or hosting a sunset gathering.

Our outdoor chairs and lounge sets are crafted to provide maximum comfort and style, ensuring they’re as suitable for a casual family gathering as they are for more formal entertaining.

3 piece patio set consisting of 2 black wicker chairs and small black wicker table
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Outdoor Lounge Furniture in Adelaide

Our lounge sets are specially designed for the Adelaide lifestyle, where outdoor gatherings are a way of life. These sets are not only versatile and comfortable but also crafted to withstand Adelaide’s climate, ensuring they remain a centrepiece of your outdoor living for years to come.

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Patio Furniture in Adelaide

Transform your Adelaide outdoor space with My Wicker’s patio furniture, designed to bring life and luxury to your exterior. Whether creating a tranquil garden sanctuary or a lively entertainment area, our patio furniture is the perfect addition to Adelaide’s unique landscapes and architectural styles.

2 black wicker chairs with cream pillows and black wicker table on grey patio
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Delivered to Your Door in Adelaide

We offer prompt delivery across Adelaide, including popular neighbourhoods like Glenelg, Norwood, and North Adelaide. Enjoy the convenience of having wicker outdoor furniture delivered directly to your home, with clear, upfront information on delivery times and costs at checkout.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing furniture; we ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process across Adelaide. This dedication to service helps you quickly and easily transform your outdoor spaces, supporting Adelaide’s love for beautiful, functional outdoor living areas.


Adelaide’s Mediterranean climate presents a blend of sunny days and cool evenings, which requires outdoor furniture that can handle variations in temperature and sunlight exposure. My Wicker’s furniture is crafted with materials like UV-resistant wicker and rust-proof metals, ensuring durability and comfort throughout the seasons.

We offer a variety of designs that cater to the diverse architectural styles of Adelaide—from classic stone villas to modern coastal homes. You can choose from our extensive online range, which includes detailed descriptions and images to help you select furniture that complements your home’s outdoor space and your style.

Our range includes robust wicker outdoor furniture, stylish patio sets, functional outdoor chairs, and versatile lounge sets.

Our outdoor chairs are crafted to provide relaxation and elegance, making them perfect for Adelaide’s love of outdoor dining and socialising. Whether it’s a balcony overlooking the beach or a garden in the suburbs, our chairs offer both comfort and style, enhancing any outdoor setting.

Designed for comfort and flexibility, our lounge sets cater to the social nature of Adelaide’s residents, making them ideal for gatherings or peaceful solo relaxation. They come in various styles and configurations, ensuring they adapt to any occasion and space.

Our patio furniture is crafted to blend seamlessly with Adelaide’s natural beauty and architectural diversity. Whether you are enhancing a garden, deck, or pool area, our furniture is designed to create a cohesive and inviting outdoor environment.

We ensure a smooth delivery process to all areas of Adelaide, including delivery scheduling and setup if required. Delivery details, including times and costs, are transparently provided at checkout, making the process convenient and reliable.

Maintaining your furniture involves simple steps such as regular cleaning with mild soap and water, using protective covers during extreme weather, and storing cushions indoors when not in use. This care helps preserve your furniture’s quality and appearance.

Yes, all our furniture comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects and material durability, giving you peace of mind about your investment in quality outdoor furniture.