modular outdoor sofas

How to get the most out of your modular outdoor sofas

Modular outdoor sofas are a very cost-effective way to furnish your home, giving you plenty of options for a variety of different rooms. Our most popular modular outdoor sofa has thick 10cm cushions for extra comfort and is handcrafted from woven UV resistant wicker, so that it’s prefect for the Australian lifestyle.  Let’s take a look at the many different ways you can use this modular sofa in your home.

U-shaped modular lounge settings

If you have a large indoor space or lovely spacious outdoor patio, this is the ideal configuration for a cosy afternoon with your friends or family. Simply fit all of the pieces together in a U shape with the coffee table in the centre and you are ready to socialise!

modular outdoor sofas
modular outdoor sofas

L-shaped modular lounge settings

This is the perfect shape for a dinner party where you aren’t closed off and can chat to people at the table or in the kitchen. Just form an L-shape with your modular sofa and you are good to go!

A huge daybed

There is nothing quite like a daybed on the patio for feeling decadent! Now you can have one anytime you want, by simply moving the modular sections around to create the perfect daybed – ideal for an intimate evening together, watching the sun set on a hot summer night.

3 two seat modular sofas

With a six piece modular sofa you can easily create 3 two seat sofas in a flash. This configuration is suitable for a coffee morning with friends or for watching the kids playing in the pool while you relax with family.

2 three seat modular sofas

This configuration is ideal for after dinner drinks with family and friends, giving you plenty of room to chat and catch up. This is also a great configuration for playing board games with the kids while you wait for dinner to cook!

4 seat sofa and 2 single seats

There is no end to the number of configurations you can make with our modular sofas. This configuration of a 4 seat sofa with 2 single seats is perfect for any occasion, giving you lots of seating while waiting for the BBQ to be ready and the kids to hop out of the pool.


For more modular outdoor sofa ideas, visit our showroom in Chatswood NSW or Nerang on the Gold Coast.