Moving to a new home? Mistakes to avoid when you buy outdoor furniture

When you’re moving into your first home it’s time to create a wonderfully relaxing sanctuary in the garden. So, whatever type of ambience you want to create outside, you’re going to need some great outdoor furniture. So here are 4 mistakes to avoid when you buy outdoor furniture for the first time!

1. Buying cheap furniture

Wasting your money on cheap outdoor furniture is a fool’s errand because it will cost you more in replacement costs. Always buy the best outdoor furniture you can afford because it will be well made and last for years – you’ll never regret it!

2. Buying impractical furniture

One of the 4 mistakes to avoid when you buy outdoor furniture for the first time include buying impractical furniture. Generally, this means that the chairs aren’t comfortable, sturdy enough or can’t take a lot of weight. Just because the outdoor furniture looks great and is cheap, doesn’t mean that it’s a good deal!

3. Buying indoor furniture for outdoors

Even if you place indoor furniture under a patio, it will still deteriorate over time due to the weather. After all, it doesn’t require direct rain to result in mouldy cushions and plush sofas are a wonderful nesting material for native rats! So always consider whether the furniture will stand up to the elements before spending your hard-earned money.

4. Buying furniture that’s not water repellent

Whilst outdoor furniture is designed to be left outside in the rain, it can still become waterlogged in heavy downpours. Extend the life of your outdoor furniture by always covering them if they are left exposed to the elements and not under a patio.

There are lots of things to consider when buying new furniture for your outdoor area, hopefully these tips from above can help you make the right decision.

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