Industrial Style Cement & Wood Outdoor Furniture

Let’s look at some Industrial Style Outdoor Furniture ideas, with the use of our outdoor cement & acacia wood furniture, different wicker & tub chair options, lighting, walls, signs, wall art, furniture pieces, planters and accompaniments.
The great thing about these ideas is that if you have  ‘blank canvas’ rooms or outdoor lounge, dining or patio areas to transform, it can all be easily added in with little effort!

The industrial look has surged in popularity recently and rightly so, it’s unique, tells a story, adds warmth to the space and loads of character. You can add industrial style outdoor furniture details and pieces to any style of room – traditional, contemporary, modernist, shabby chic – and they will work their magic, adding warmth and honesty without hogging all the attention.
With your “blank canvas”,  the first thing to decide on are the major pieces of furniture ie tables and chairs!

My Wicker’s ‘Industrial Chic’ Veltis Outdoor Table Settings

The Veltis Outdoor dining setting has an industrial cement tabletop with acacia wood legs and industrial style tub dining chairs.
The cement style tabletop and rustic wood framework provide the ideal foundations for your “industrial chic” look.

The different Veltis 8 Seater Outdoor Dining tables can also be paired with vintage grey wicker chairs  for a more aged look and comes

Veltis 8 seater outdoor dining setting with 5 vintage grey wicker chairs with dark grey fabric cushions and a grey topped, wooden based rectangular table
Veltis 8 seater outdoor dining setting with 5 vintage grey wicker chairs with dark grey fabric cushions and a grey topped, wooden based rectangular table

Mood Lighting, Wall finishes and Accessories:

Lighting plays an important part, the use of industrial style pendant and quirky pulley style lights will help set the scene

For outside walls, you can give it that chic industrial look by personalizing to what you want using wall art and industrial style signage

You can also limewash the outside wall then add that magical touch


You can express your personality and character with finishing touches like planters, vintage furniture pieces, exposed hardware, unfinished metals-  distressed finishes are what it’s industrial design looks are all about. This sort of style relies heavily on industrial furniture in a factory setting
Items like a drill press stool, an old dentist’s lamp or a drafting table could all be considered factory furniture.These add to the industrial modern mindset with its clean lines and utilitarian forms.

Pictured below are some other ‘quirky’ industrial look pieces, there are no set rules, you can re-purpose old basin sinks, railway racks, milk urns, factory carts ,desk fans, old piping and fence gates, providing character & charm.

Accompaniments will provide the finishing touch, the quirkier, the better

Industrial look style is more than just a vintage, industrial, modern, or rustic feel.
It combines contemporary elements with mid-century aesthetics,from refined to earthy, creating a unique, timeless space.
Get started on your project today!

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