How to combine the beauty of wicker with your existing décor

mix and match wicker furniture

Have you discovered the beauty of wicker furniture? Now you’re wondering how to mix and match wicker furniture with your existing décor? Never fear, because we know how to combine your unique design with the wonders of wicker furniture. All you need to do is to work with both the differences and the similarities between your current décor and the wicker furniture you’ve purchased. So let’s get started!

Limit your colour palette

Too many different colours in a room create confusion which is not good when you want to unify the décor in a space. This means that you need to identify your current colour palette and match those colours with your new wicker furniture. 

For example, if you have a lot of dark wood in your room then either select a matching colour for the wicker itself or the cushions, as this unifies your décor. Similarly, if you have an eclectic mix of colours in your room, then you can either select neutral colours for your new wicker furniture or one of the less used colours in the space.  

Knowing how to mix and match wicker furniture with your existing décor is easy if you consider the colour palette of your room.

Limit the patterns and shapes

It’s not just colours that can unify a room, however, because patterns and shapes can have the same effect. For example, you can match existing blocky or hard-edged furniture with the same shape in the wicker furniture, even if the colours are different. 

Similarly, you can match the patterns in your existing décor by selecting the same pattern for the cushions of your wicker furniture, even if the shape of the furniture is different. It’s all about finding a unifying colour, pattern or shape between your current decor and your new wicker furniture.

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