Get outside furniture

3 piece patio set consisting of 2 black wicker chairs and small black wicker table

If you want to get outside furniture that is high quality, affordable and will last for years, then you need to find a store that specialises in outdoor furniture. Shops that sell all sorts of furniture are unlikely to have the specialist knowledge you require when shopping for quality outdoor furniture.

So the best way for you to spend your money wisely and get outside furniture that is stylish and long lasting is to speak to the outdoor furniture specialists like My Wicker. This is even more important when you have a small outdoor space, as you really need the experts to help you select the best outdoor furniture for your small size patio.


If you don’t want to get outside furniture that overwhelms your space, making it look tight and cramped, be sure to follow our proven buying tips below.

Outside furniture Tips

  1. Measure the size of your space: It is always a good idea to clear everything out of the outdoor area, so you can see all of the space and measure it as well. This will prevent you from buying pieces that are too big or even too small, making the area look poorly designed.
  2. Look for compact furniture: While you might want a lovely lounge to lie on outdoors, for a small space you have to look for compact pieces that are functional, but also comfortable and stylish. An outdoor furniture specialist will be able to help you make the right choices when you are ready to get outside furniture for your small space.
  3. Light weight pieces: In a small area you will want to move your furniture around, if not only to clean the area, but to also give you different design options. So you want to get outside furniture that is lightweight and can easily be moved around the area. Heavy and cumbersome furniture will become a problem to you over time, so choose lightweight pieces every time.
  4. Mix and match: Keeping to one palette will give a streamlined look that helps to make a small space appear larger. It also gives your outdoor area a clean and uncluttered appearance, which is important for small spaces.


If you want to get outside furniture for your outdoor space, check out our patio settings or visit one of our showrooms.