How to clean wicker patio furniture! Cleaning Wicker furniture – our 5 tips

cleaning wicker furniture

Cleaning wicker furniture is a breeze. It is no wonder that wicker has become such a popular choice for outdoor spaces in Aussie homes.

We all love entertaining and spending time outside with family and friends, particularly if we have a pool in the backyard. The problem is that pool furniture doesn’t lend itself well to relaxing with friends on the patio. Wicker furniture has become the solution, with the added bonus that it is so easy to keep wicker furniture clean all year round.

cleaning wicker furniture

  1. Weather protection: Cleaning wicker furniture and keeping it looking new is so much easier when you protect it from the weather. Wicker doesn’t stand up very well to the sun and rain, because the sun makes the wicker brittle and the rain can make the wicker warp. So always keep your wicker furniture undercover on a patio.
  2. Mould: Outdoors, too much moisture in the air can cause mildew or mould to grow on your wicker furniture. Cleaning wicker furniture with a solution of bleach in water, after a quick scrub with a soft bristle brush and a vacuum to remove the loose particles should solve the problem. Let it dry in the sun and then place your wicker furniture in a covered area with plenty of air flow.
  3. Dust: Cleaning wicker furniture and keeping it dust free is simple. All you need to do is loosen any dirt or pet hair with a soft bristle brush and then vacuum away the debris.
  4. Spills: Always wipe any spills up immediately, so that it doesn’t soak into the furniture. You can use the garden hose and some detergent if it is a big spill, but always remember to dry your wicker furniture thoroughly in the sun to prevent mould growing.
  5. Humidity: You will have realised by now that too much moisture in the air can cause mould to grow on your wicker furniture. If you keep your wicker furniture indoors however, you can regulate the amount of humidity in the air to help prevent the growth of mould.

We hope you enjoyed our 5 tips on cleaning wicker furniture.  Why not check out our collection or visit one of our showrooms today?

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