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Exclusive range of European Styled Wicker Outdoor Furniture settings. Direct from the importers warehouse with a substantial discount off retail prices. It gets the WOW, everyone loves our design, quality, finish and colours. Direct to the public and property stylists.

How To Get It Right When You Buy Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to purchasing outdoor furniture, there are a few mistakes that need to be avoided because they can cost you money. So let’s take a look at four of the most common mistakes people make when they buy outdoor furniture and provide tips on how to avoid them. 1. Looking for Cheap Prices […]

Best Wicker Daybeds For A Lazy Weekend

There’s truly no finer indulgence than a leisurely weekend at home with your itinerary clear, save for some well-deserved rest and rejuvenation. At My Wicker, we specialise in crafting superior wicker daybeds – each designed to provide ultimate comfort and create a haven for your weekend relaxation. So, what sets our wicker daybeds apart from […]

5 Reasons Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounges Are Perfect Around The Pool

When the summer heat rolls in and you’re ready to make a splash in your backyard pool, having the perfect outdoor furniture becomes a top priority. You want something that’s not only easy to maintain but also incredibly comfortable, stylish, UV resistant, and won’t break the bank. Well, look no further because our outdoor wicker […]

Value For Money: Hot Tips For Picking The Best Wicker Chaise Lounges

Is your outdoor furniture looking worn out and lacklustre? Then it might be the perfect time to invest in some fabulous new wicker chaise lounges and rejuvenate your patio space! But with the plethora of options available, finding the best value for your money can be a daunting task.  Don’t worry, because at My Wicker, […]

How to throw an outdoor party no one will forget!

There are plenty of reasons to throw an outdoor party from birthdays and anniversaries to retirements, christenings and engagements. You don’t even need a special reason to host a party in your garden but you do need to make it positively memorable! So here are 5 tips for hosting a garden party no one will […]

Save Money With Our Top Tips For Buying Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture has a classic allure that enhances both interior and exterior spaces, making it a favourite among homeowners. Its charmingly rustic aesthetic, combined with its durability, offers a harmonious blend of style and practicality.  If you’re interested in incorporating wicker furniture into your living space, we get it. At My Wicker, we stock top-quality […]

Moving to a new home? Mistakes to avoid when you buy outdoor furniture

When you’re moving into your first home it’s time to create a wonderfully relaxing sanctuary in the garden. So, whatever type of ambience you want to create outside, you’re going to need some great outdoor furniture. So here are 4 mistakes to avoid when you buy outdoor furniture for the first time! 1. Buying cheap […]

How to combine the beauty of wicker with your existing décor

Have you discovered the beauty of wicker furniture? Now you’re wondering how to mix and match wicker furniture with your existing décor? Never fear, because we know how to combine your unique design with the wonders of wicker furniture. All you need to do is to work with both the differences and the similarities between […]

Top 4 places to use wicker furniture in your home

Are you wondering about the best places to use wicker furniture in your home? There’s just something about hand crafted, European style wicker furniture that brings a warm sense of nostalgia to a home. It’s the feeling of relaxation, tranquillity and comfort that makes wicker furniture endure while other trends come and go. So if […]

Outdoor Wicker Chair Sets with cushions – Durable Acacia Wood and Weatherproof properties

We regularly get asked what sorts of chairs we carry and IF extra outdoor wicker chairs can be purchased separately or to add to any of our Patio or Dining Settings. The answer is Yes! We have several outdoor Wicker chair sets with cushions in our ranges, some with the option of acacia wood Creating […]

Outdoor Furniture in Australia buying surge during Pandemic

The demand for Outdoor Furniture in Australia has exploded during the Covid Pandemic Since going without the usual travel abroad and domestically, Australians have instead set about creating an oasis in their homes & backyards! Have you bought yours? A recent Commbank research report stated “More recently, the pandemic has led to ‘cocooning’ and a […]

Global Price Increases Impact Outdoor Furniture

Cancun dining table 240 cm

Shipping costs and other increases will drive prices up on consumer goods Most people have read about world wide shipping delays ( particularly for Xmas)  and now, price rises on both shipping and Container costs are being discussed and felt in Australia. There have been astronomical price increases from shipping lines since April 2021. The […]

Rattan, Cane vs Wicker, What’s the Difference?

There are 2 types of rattan, cane and wicker, natural and synthetic – and both are used to make different furniture and objects for cane wicker outdoor furniture Let us explore Rattan, Cane and Wicker Outdoor Furniture Natural cane or rattan is made for a wide range of products and furniture including chairs, dining tables, […]

How to clean wicker patio furniture! Cleaning Wicker furniture – our 5 tips

Cleaning wicker furniture is a breeze. It is no wonder that wicker has become such a popular choice for outdoor spaces in Aussie homes. We all love entertaining and spending time outside with family and friends, particularly if we have a pool in the backyard. The problem is that pool furniture doesn’t lend itself well […]

Tips on Selecting the Best Wicker Outdoor Table

Are you in the market for a new wicker outdoor table? When you are searching for the right outdoor table, two of the factors you need to get right are its size and its shape. Get either one of these wrong and you won’t achieve the ambiance you hoped for on your patio or outside […]