What is Acacia Wood Furniture and how to care for it?

An Acacia wood trre in the country

Acacia is commonly grown in Australia, South Africa, Southwestern USA, Central America, Mexico and Africa.
Because these trees are so fast growing, harvesting acacia wood is a sustainable choice for furniture.
Acacia can be easily farmed sustainably without destroying a habitat and support a wide range of industries – a big plus, as we move toward better ecological choices
My Wicker has a number of outdoor dining and patio furniture settings with acacia wood in different combinations.

Additionally, acacia is an extremely durable wood.
It resists water damage and scratching, is close grained, resistant to decay and is easy to care for and clean ( see more on care below)
Acacia is also unpalatable to insects, making it an ideal timber for building items that need to be long lasting.
It has been used as far back as the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament.
Throughout generations, the Tabernacle had to be mobile, constantly being constructed, taken down and transported as the Israelites sojourned in the desert and its construction from acacia helped this to happen.
Despite having a long history, acacia wood is still relatively unknown to many
It has been used for many centuries now for the manufacture of ships, beams and posts.

My Wicker Acacia Wood Table 8 seater outdoor dining setting

With all these benefits and acacia also being a beautiful light wood, it is widely used for the manufacture of high end and custom made outdoor furniture for discerning buyers
The Janka hardness rating for acacia is 1040 gs of force. It is 55% harder than white oak, 23% harder than hickory and 90% harder than bamboo.
Acacia wood texture is naturally fine and smooth and much more resistant to scratches than other timbers.
The grain varies between straight and wavy patterns and colours, mostly light amber. What makes them unique is no 2 grains are the same

What kind of Outdoor Furniture Settings with acacia wood do we sell?

My Wicker offer a variety of custom made acacia wood dining settings in 6 seater and 8 seater configurations

Norwich Acacia Wood 6 seater dining setting

My Wicker acacia wood 6 seater norwich outdoor dining setting

This 6 seater setting is 2m length by 1m width, comfortably seating 6, with outdoor wicker dining chairs that come in vintage grey (pictured), licorice black and charcoal/hazelnut.
The dining chair seat cushions come in a variety of european inspired colours, including black and white stripes, charcoal, grey/brown (pictured) and cream

Norwich Acacia Wood 8 seater dining setting

My Wicker acacia wood 8 seater norwich outdoor dining setting

This 8 seater setting is 2.5m length by 1m width, comfortably seating 8,comes with 8 outdoor wicker dining chairs, available in your choice of vintage grey, licorice black (pictured) and charcoal/hazelnut

There are also acacia wood dining settings with industrial style cement tops.
The cement table tops combine stone and poly resin with ash grey tones, making for a hard wearing chic industrial look

“Veltis Acacia wood 8 seater dining setting with cement table top. A complete dining set with Outdoor safe table and chairs.”

My Wicker Veltis cement top with acacia wood base 8 seater norwich outdoor dining setting

This dining set features an industrial style cement table top, with contemporary Ponte chairs, perfect for a modern industrial theme.
The table measures 2.5m length by 1m width and comes with 8 Ponte dining chairs

Veltis 8 seater Acacia wood with cement table top and luxurious Ponte chairs

My Wicker Veltis dark grey cement top table with acacia wood base 8 seater norwich dining setting, with ponte chairs

This outdoor patio dining setting features an industrial style cement top and ultra luxurious oversized dining chairs, constructed of acacia wood legs and wicker stranded seating.
The chairs are cushioned for comfort with charcoal grey seat cushions

You can feel confident, as all My Wicker dining settings come with a money back guarantee and 2 year warranty

How to care for Acacia Wood?

It requires very little maintenance, here are some tips

  • Wipe down the wood with a soft cloth slightly moistened with warm water soapy water. Dry with a soft dry cloth or air drying is fine.
  • Avoid cleaning tools with a rough surface
  • Don’t use detergents or cleaners that have ammonia in them as that takes moisture out of the wood
  • Use a wax like Glitz furniture wax, furniture oil like Cabots Furniture Oil
  • Using wax creates a harder finish and lasts longer. It does take longer than oils though, using oils is easier with a softer finish but needs doing more often.
  • Waxing can be done approx once per year, oiling twice a year


Outdoor wicker furniture cushion covers new or replacements?

Outdoor wicker furniture cushion covers new or replacements?

Change Of Season, Change Of Colours

When the seasons change, you can make your outdoor space a more magical experience, just by adding the right new outdoor cushion cover colours and other accessories!

Using colour palettes and shades help to set the overall tone of your space, while also reflecting your personality.
Colour can also affect your emotions, so think about the mood you would like your space to convey.
For instance, bright colours like yellow is a cheerful colour that reminds you of the sun, shades of blue can be calming and reds symbolise passion.  Or, if you decorate with all shades of white or ivory, the overall effect is a serene and relaxing space.

Mixing stripes and shades of the same colour adds depth giving your outdoor space its own custom style. The stripes and shades don’t need to match each other, it’s enough for them to coordinate and go together.

Though outdoor fabrics have become more decorative, you can still have your outdoor space be an extension of your home by decorating the outdoors just like your indoor rooms.

If you want a serene and calm outdoor space and colour isn’t your thing, you can keep it simple sticking with neutrals. By taking cues from the understated elegance of a subdued style can be accomplished by mixing grays and neutral tones
Pictured below, the earthy charcoal tones paired with cream and charcoal scatter cushions create a cohesive elegant look- ideal for autumn and winter

Seven Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Diner Setting

Seven Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Diner Setting

If you are wanting to add new colours and patterns, there are no rules, but there are some tips you can use:
When combining patterns, companion fabrics are a great way to mix them and keep in mind that they don’t need to ‘match’.  Using companion colours  throughout your space adds visual interest as well.
Pictured below we maintain neutral colours for the outdoor wicker lounge sofa cushion covers complimented with a splash of colour using the burnt orange and lime green scatter cushions. This pop of colour is ideal for spring and summer and these funky, bold colours will bring more attention to where the party is and make it easy to set up for special events and entertaining nights

Grand Outdoor Wicker Setting, Charcoal Hazelnut with Charcoal fabric

Grand Outdoor Wicker Setting, Charcoal Hazelnut with Charcoal fabric

Stripes can go with almost any colour, and when combining multiple colours, you create a beautiful combination of patterns and infusion of colour.
Pictured below we have black and white striped lounge sofa cushion covers paired with solid cream and black scatter cushions. The solid cream scatter cushions work well with any colours and always looks fresh, elegant and inviting. The solid black scatter cushions provide classic and stunning finish to this colour palette

5 Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Setting, Licorice Black with BW Stripes

5 Ways Outdoor Wicker Lounge Setting, Licorice Black with B/W Stripes


To finish off, add the maestro touch to your outdoor furniture cushion covers with accessories.  Looking at the moodboard below, we have a variety of accessories

  • Outdoor rugs in different colour patterns and tones. Outdoor rugs will add depth and character to the space, tie it together and make it feel more welcoming.  They don’t need to be used all year round, you can bring it out for a special occasion or entertaining events.
  • Market or cantilever umbrellas is another great way to tie the space together and is a functional accessory to shade the space. Outdoor spaces are like another room now, having a market or cantilever umbrella adds a pop of colour, defines the space and provides a cohesive link to your indoor area
  • Outdoor plants are a must have for your outdoor space, they add body and depth to an area which otherwise can seem bare.
    In the moodboard below, the bottom right hand picture illustrates the difference outdoor plants can have in your space.  The plants used have a layered effect adding depth to the space-looks and feels bigger than what the space actually is. It also brings the space to life and creates a relaxing atmosphere


outdoor cushion covers moodboard

Check out our full range of cushion cover fabric sets here


Tips for choosing the right Outdoor setting

Tips for choosing the right Outdoor setting

Picking the right wicker outdoor setting brings comfort, function and if done right creates a stunning space to enjoy casual dining, relaxing and entertaining. It’s worth getting it right considering the benefits.

Royale Wicker Outdoor setting

Here are some tips for picking the right wicker outdoor setting for your space

1. Wicker offers Easy care

Choose a setting that wont rust and won’t require regular maintenance. If you’re after a timber setting, teak is the preferred choice. Aluminium frame outdoor settings are perfect as they don’t rust, make sure the frame is powder coated for ultimate protection from the outdoor elements

Wicker is a perfect option as it’s very durable, sturdy, looks great and has a timeless appeal

For cushions, choose fabrics that wont fade and dry quickly and cushion inserts that are anti bacterial-you won’t want to run outside every time it rains to put cushions away

2. Comfortable and durable cushions

You get what you pay for, usually very low priced outdoor furniture have very thin cushions that can turn flat as a crepe before you know it. It’s worth getting the right cushions that are much thicker and will hold up over time.

3. Style

Will you be going for a fresh contemporary look or rustic aged look? Outdoor spaces are an extension of the inside so match up the theme inside the house to the outside. There is a wide range of fashionable colours and trends for wicker outdoor settings. Choose cushions with removable covers and a range of colours so you can change the look when you like.

4. Dual Purpose Outdoor Wicker Settings

Consider modular outdoor wicker settings, they have the advantage of multiple configurations so you can instantly change configuration and purpose. My Wicker 7 Ways lounge setting can be a U Shape setting, L Shape, stand alone 2 and 3 seaters or a massive daybed. Some settings can be a lounge and dining setting in 1, perfect for a smaller space where you want lounging and dining

5.   Plants add Colour and Life

We’ve all come across bare balconies when driving through our cities, often reminding us of the barren one at our own apartment and then suddenly we spot that one with the lush green walls, planters and hanging baskets and almost instantly feel uplifted.

If your balcony faces the brunt of the sun for the majority of the day then you’re only option is to go with full sun loving plants like Agaves, succulents, Australian natives and bromeliads.

If the opposite applies then shade loving plants like ferns, golden palms and peace lily are the way to go.

Visiting your local nursery for plenty of ideas

You can visit one of our wicker furniture stores in Sydney ,Gold Coast or Melbourne,  call us on 1300 886 541 or contact us here, for a chat about your requirements.

Stunning Outdoor Balcony Makeover

Stunning Outdoor Balcony Makeover

Stunning Outdoor Furniture Makeover

With a boring , dated and narrow outdoor furniture balcony area, the challenge was to give it a fresh look, make it look bigger  and take advantage of the space for a inviting and relaxing outdoor dining and entertaining area

So here we have the before space

stunning Outdoor furniture makeover before

The space is a narrow 2.2m by 6m

So for outdoor furniture before, only had a small dining setting, doesn’t look very inviting by anyone’s standards. The outdoor balcony space featured just had an internal renovation, the open plan lounge and dining area had bifold doors installed to marry up the inside lounge area to the outdoor balcony.  This creates the opportunity to create a seemless indoor and outdoor lounge and entertaining oasis. This simple and quick transformation involves sanding back the timber floorboards, staining the floorboards and top handrail, paint the rail posts, add in a outdoor wicker lounge setting and small bbq.

It’s a quick, relatively easy and low cost transformation that creates a stunning visual effect and enjoyable outdoor space well worth the effort.

The first job was having the wooden floorboards sanded back, that was done through a contractor on gumtree.  Next was stain the timber floorboards, this was done with natural stain to accentuate the earthy timber tones, the natural stain oil this was bought at Mitre10

Next step was Outdoor Furniture, the best setting for the space was the Gartemoebe L Shape Modular Outdoor Wicker lounge setting . As it’s modular , it can take advantage of the length of the balcony and at the same time, easily fit in with the narrow 2.2m simply by having the right number of pieces lengthwise and the narrow side

To finish off the balcony, a Weber Q was bought at barbeques galore

The costs were

Floorboards sanded back $200

Timber Stain $82

Paint $38

Gartemoebe L Shape Outdoor Wicker Modular lounge setting $1298

Weber Q $499

Here is the after result, a stunning transformation seamlessly marrying up the internal lounge and outdoor balcony area

stunning Outdoor furniture makeover after


For more outdoor wicker furniture ideas for your backyard makeover, visit one of our furniture stores in Brisbane ,Sydney , Melbourne or call us on 1300 886 541 for a chat about your requirements.

Weather covers for outdoor furniture?

Weather covers for outdoor furniture?

Quality weather covers for outdoor furniture are an essential part of maintaining your patio furniture. After all, for most Australians, our outdoor entertainment areas are an extension of our homes and many of us spend as much, if not more time on the patio than indoors.

Weather covers for patio furniture help to keep your outdoor furniture looking as good as new by protecting it from the elements, as well as from pets, pests, dust and bird droppings.

What are weather covers for outdoor furniture?

Essentially weather covers are waterproof coverings made from high-quality nylon that you can hose down to keep clean and are available in assorted sizes to fit all kinds of outdoor furniture. My Wicker weather covers for patio furniture have a drawstring to keep them in place during windy or stormy weather, cost between $80 to $145 and are available in black.

weather covers for outdoor furniture

Five Reasons to invest in weather covers for your outdoor furniture

  1. Protection from UV damage: In Australia, the sun can be really fierce, not only fading your outdoor settings but causing them to rot and perish over time. Anything left outdoors for too long in the harsh sun will be damaged, so it’s essential that you cover all of your furniture that is not already undercover with a quality weather cover.
  2. Protection form bird and bat droppings: How often have you gone to an outdoor café and found bird droppings on the chairs and tables? The same thing can happen at home, even if your furniture is undercover. Birds can whizz through your patio, leaving their little messages all over your furniture and if you have bats in the area – the problem is even worse! Weather covers for outdoor furniture will completely cover all your outdoor furniture keeping them free from bird and bat droppings.
  3. Protection from pets: Aussies love their pets, but dog and cat fur all over the seating and cushions of your outdoor furniture can be a real pain. Pets can also leave dirty marks behind on the cushions, which can be embarrassing when friends visit and you want to sit outside. Weather covers for your patio furniture won’t prevent your pets from sitting on the furniture, but they will stop any damage, fur or dirt getting on your furnishings.
  4. Protection from dust: Within a few days of leaving furniture outdoors you can easily notice a collection of dust over everything. This can be sand, dirt or air pollution, depending on where you live, but whatever the cause, it means you have to constantly dust or even wash your outdoor furniture to remove this ‘dust’. With weather covers for outdoor furniture, all you have to do is to hose down the covers every now and again to keep them clean, because your furniture is nicely protected underneath the covers.
  5. Protection from rain: Whilst outdoor furniture settings and cushions contain inhibitors to prevent mould and mildew, going the extra mile and using outdoor weather covers for your patio furniture, is a sensible option. If left uncovered, rain can collect on the seats of the furniture, making it very unpleasant when you sit down! Collections of rainwater left un-noticed can also encourage mossies to breed – something we all could do without.

At My Wicker,
we have quality weather covers for outdoor furniture that are small enough for a 2-seater lounge setting and big enough for a 10-seater setting.

You can purchase your weather coverings at the same time as you purchase your outdoor patio settings or at another time. If you are buying your coverings at a later date – it’s best to contact us to ensure that they will fit your furniture properly.

To purchase a weather cover for your outdoor furniture, call us on 1300 886 541 or email for more information.

Backyard Makeover

Backyard Makeover

Are you considering a backyard makeover? If your sunroom or pool area has seen better days, then maybe it’s time to think about investing in some quick and easy renovations? Swimming pool renovations can significantly increase the value of your home and transform your outdoor lifestyle, and if you stick to the basics, they don’t have to blow your budget!

New paving

No backyard makeover is complete without quality paving, so if your patio area has cracked tiles or concrete with grass and weeds poking through, it might be time to rip it all up and start fresh. After all, a sunroom looking out over a contemporary and well-maintained patio adds another layer of sophistication to your home.

There is nothing quite like a brand new patio peppered with a few wicker sun lounges and umbrellas for giving your pool a completely new ambience.

Wicker Sun Lounge


Dead and dying plants are the next step in your backyard makeover because they don’t do much for the ambience around your pool. So check landscaping magazines for inspiration and with the right selection of plants, your swimming pool renovations will be off to a great start!

Add in a comfortable wicker outdoor setting or sun lounge and your pool area will be the envy of family and friends.

Water features

Water features can be purchased off the shelf, so think about including waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, water slides and even a diving board in your swimming pool renovations. A more traditional styled home might suit waterfalls and fountains, whereas a more modern home might suit water slides and bubblers.

It doesn’t really matter what type of water feature you install, as long as it suits your family’s needs. Can you see yourself lying on your wicker sun lounge in your sunroom and watching the kids having a hoot racing down the water slide into the pool?

Pool lighting

Including new LED lighting in your swimming pool renovations is a great idea. Whether above ground or in the pool, LED lights can make a huge difference to the usability and the ambience of your pool. Choose from flush or surface mounted underwater LED pool lights, LED garden or flood lighting, feature lighting and even floating LED lights. However, if you need to retrofit underwater lights in your pool, then the surface mounted option is the easiest to install.

Pool fences

If your pool fence has seen better days or isn’t compliant with council laws, your backyard makeover will need to include a replacement fence. Whilst the regular railing pool fences are your cheapest option, if you can stretch your budget to include a frameless glass pool fence, you will never regret your investment.

These glass fences are the ultimate in swimming pool renovations, making small gardens look much larger and giving you a clear view of the pool area from your sunroom. Just imagine lying on your wicker sun lounges and having an uninterrupted view of the pool and your gardens – priceless!

Wicker sun lounges

Wicker is an awesome material for outdoor furniture or for your sunroom, as it is weather and mould resistant and doesn’t rot or fade in the sun. At My Wicker, one of our most popular items is our wicker sun lounge with padded cushions and a modern streamlined look.

Available in two trendy colour schemes – charcoal hazelnut with grey-brown fabric or liquorice black with a charcoal fabric, they will add a sophisticated ambience to your swimming pool renovations.

For more outdoor wicker furniture ideas for your backyard makeover, visit one of our furniture stores in Brisbane or Sydney or call us on 1300 886 541 for a chat about your requirements.