Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

5 Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for the Spring Season

With the weather warming up, spring is the perfect time to brush off all of your outdoor entertaining ideas that you have been thinking about during the winter season. The birds are singing, the flowers are budding and everything is right with the world!
There is nothing that warms the soul more than spending quality time with friends and loved ones over a home cooked meal or a perfectly cooked BBQ. Aussies love their outdoor entertainment areas and we love nothing more than sharing the fruits of our labours in good company.

So if you are ready to fire up the BBQ, here our 5 outdoor entertaining ideas that should give you plenty of inspiration for your next party or get-together.

Make sure the cushions of your outdoor dining chairs are clean and super comfy. If they are still good enough for another year, then give them a spring clean or replace them if they have seen better days.

Don’t worry about matching table wear, because a more bohemian and eclectic look is now quite trendy. This means that you can use all of your favourite table ware and not spend extra money to make it all match perfectly – this is one of our best outdoor entertaining ideas that helps you to save money!

Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

If your dining table is not undercover, then purchasing an outdoor umbrella is a good idea, particularly if you are entertaining during the hottest parts of the day.

Simple food is always best when eating outdoors, so go for a picnic style meal with lots of salads, quiches and cold drinks, and maybe even throw a few steaks on the BBQ for extra protein.
Creating an outdoor room is another of our awesome outdoor entertaining ideas, because rather than just having a table and chairs on the patio, an outdoor room gives a more intimate feeling to your brunch or dinner party and is something that everyone appreciates.

If your outdoor furniture is not up to scratch and needs to be replaced, check out our 8 seater square wicker dining patio set for extra outdoor entertaining ideas. With low delivery costs across Australia, you can afford to make everyone envious of your fabulous outdoor settings!

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Wicker Outdoor Table

Wicker Outdoor Table

Tips on Selecting the Best Wicker Outdoor Table

Are you in the market for a new wicker outdoor table? When you are searching for the right outdoor table, two of the factors you need to get right are its size and its shape. Get either one of these wrong and you won’t achieve the ambiance you hoped for on your patio.

Deciding on the size of your wicker outdoor table

The size of the available space is going to determine the size of your outdoor table and chairs setting, because a small table in a large area looks just as bad as a large table crammed into a small patio.

So the first thing you need to do is to take stock of the other items, such as a BBQ, water feature, bar or even a fire pit, and measure up the space that is left for your wicker outdoor table. Don’t forget that you will need enough space for people to walk around the table and to pull out chairs as well.

Tips on selecting the right shape for your wicker outdoor table

Wicker tables come in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangle and oblong. Some people have a preference for one shape over another, but it is usually the number of chairs you require that dictates the shape of your wicker outdoor table.

For example, if you prefer a square table, but you need to seat 8 people in a limited space, the table can become too big for the available space. However, the My Wicker Royale 8 Seater Wicker Outdoor Setting has a square table, but it is designed to be sleek and to take up a minimal amount of space.

Wicker Outdoor Table

Another square wicker outdoor table is our Gartemoebe 8 Seater Square Wicker Dining Set that has the same size table, but the chairs are slightly larger. On the other hand, if you prefer an oblong wicker table then our Royale 8 Seater Oblong Wicker Outdoor Dining Set is the perfect solution for brunches and BBQs, whilst our 5 Ways Modular Casual Dining Wicker Setting comes with a rectangular table and offers a range of different configurations.

With all of these options, you won’t have any problems finding the best size and shape wicker outdoor table for your next get-together with friends and family.


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Outdoor furniture specialists – Sydney, QLD, Australia Wide

Outdoor furniture specialists – Sydney, QLD, Australia Wide

Looking for outdoor furniture specialists?

If you are renovating or updating your outdoor entertainment areas, you need to find the outdoor furniture specialists who can deliver high quality, low maintenance furniture at affordable prices. After all, everyone deserves a beautiful patio setting where they can relax with family in friends all year round.

The problem is finding the outdoor furniture specialists who offer high quality pieces with superior style and affordability in Australia. There are many outdoor furniture stores that offer high quality at a high price and others that offer low quality at a low price, however high quality and affordability are a rare combination.

Tips on finding the best outdoor furniture specialists

One of the best features to look for in an outdoor furniture store is that they have an online shop. Many Australians have embraced online shopping in a big way, because it can save hours of your valuable time by simply shopping from the comfort of your home.

Another great feature of outdoor furniture specialists who sell high quality products is that they are a 100% Australian owned and family run business. This means that they are not a fly-by-night business that sells poor quality furniture and disappears the next day. Instead, they have a reputation to maintain and want to keep their customers happy.

The outdoor furniture specialists who are the most popular not only sell high quality furniture, but they also sell them at wholesale prices direct to the public.  Selling online reduces overheads, and allows My Wicker to pass savings onto their customers. This is a great deal for online customers!

outdoor furniture specialists

The delivery costs imposed by some outdoor furniture can be exorbitant, actually preventing many Australians from making an online purchase. So another feature of the most popular outdoor furniture specialists is that their delivery fees are pretty reasonable across Australia.

So if you are searching for the outdoor furniture specialists who are an Australian family run business, and who sell high quality, affordable furniture with low delivery costs in NSW, QLD and all over Australia, you can’t go wrong with MyWicker.com.au.

Contact us for your outdoor furniture specialists or check out our collection or visit one of our showrooms today.

Cleaning Wicker furniture – our 5 tips

Cleaning Wicker furniture – our 5 tips

Cleaning wicker furniture is a breeze, so it is no wonder that it has become such a popular choice for outdoor spaces in Aussie homes.

We all love entertaining and spending time outside with family and friends, particularly if we have a pool in the backyard. The problem is that pool furniture doesn’t lend itself well to relaxing with friends on the patio. Wicker furniture has become the solution with the added bonus that it is so easy to keep wicker furniture clean all year round.

cleaning wicker furniture

  1. Weather protection: Cleaning wicker furniture and keeping it looking new is so much easier when you protect it from the weather. Wicker doesn’t stand up very well to the sun and rain, because the sun makes the wicker brittle and the rain can make the wicker warp. So always keep your wicker furniture undercover on a patio.
  2. Mould: Outdoors, too much moisture in the air can cause mildew or mould to grow on your wicker furniture. Cleaning wicker furniture with a solution of bleach in water, after a quick scrub with a soft bristle brush and a vacuum to remove the loose particles should solve the problem. Let it dry in the sun and then place your wicker furniture in a covered area with plenty of air flow.
  3. Dust: Cleaning wicker furniture and keeping it dust free is simple. All you need to do is loosen any dirt or pet hair with a soft bristle brush and then vacuum away the debris.
  4. Spills: Always wipe any spills up immediately, so that it doesn’t soak into the furniture. You can use the garden hose and some detergent if it is a big spill, but always remember to dry your wicker furniture thoroughly in the sun to prevent mould growing.
  5. Humidity: You will have realised by now that too much moisture in the air can cause mould to grow on your wicker furniture. If you keep your wicker furniture indoors however, you can regulate the amount of humidity in the air to help prevent the growth of mould.


We hope you enjoyed our 5 tips on cleaning wicker furniture.  Why not check out our collection or visit one of our showrooms today?

Buy Wicker outdoor lounges

Buy Wicker outdoor lounges

Are you ready to buy Wicker outdoor lounges for your external entertainment spaces? Wicker is one of the best materials for outdoor living, as it is very durable and long lasting, looks great and is easy to keep clean. There are a variety of wicker outdoor lounges available in the stores, so how do you know which type of Wicker lounge is best for your home?

Always go for comfort first

There is no point in buying Wicker lounges that look good, if they are really uncomfortable. When you buy Wicker outdoor lounges, you want to kick up your feet, grab a good book and lie there all afternoon – and you can’t do that if it is uncomfortable!

So always put comfort first, even if you need to pay a little bit more for a wonderfully cosy lounge for your outdoor patio areas.

buy wicker outdoor lounges

Don’t forget style and design

Comfort is your first priority, but style and design are also important when you buy Wicker outdoor lounges. So when you purchase a quality outdoor lounge always make sure that it fits into the space easily and complements any other furniture you have in the same area.

Also make sure that you choose the design and style that suits your outdoor life as well. For example, select a more formal seating arrangement if you host lots of dinner parties outside or a more casual and relaxed lounge setting if you tend to live outdoors all year round.

Pay attention to the price

Cost is always a consideration, but there is no point is trying to save every dollar if you buy Wicker outdoor lounges that are uncomfortable and of poor quality. This type of cheaper Wicker furniture doesn’t last very long in the Australian weather, as it quickly deteriorates and looks old and worn. In the long run, you will end up paying more for your outdoor lounges, if you go for the cheapest on the market, because you have to replace them frequently to keep your outdoor areas looking good.

If you want to buy Wicker outdoor lounges that are comfortable, stylish and affordable, check out our patio sets or visit one of our showrooms.



Outdoor Living Australia

Outdoor Living Australia

Outdoor living is a natural part of living in Australia and we all love our outdoor entertainment areas at home. One of the problems however, is in finding the right type of furniture for our external areas. After all, we don’t want to spend good money on making our outdoor living areas look fabulous and then a year or two later it is all faded, weather worn and mouldy!

Outdoor living Australia and it’s benefits

Wicker has been used to create furniture since the Egyptians and with today’s technological advances, Wicker is a very durable, weather resistant and good looking material for your external entertainment areas. It is also very affordable and is very long lasting.

Wicker furniture is perfect for outdoor living in Australia

  1. Highly Durable: Today’s Wicker furniture is perfect for outdoor living in Australia.
    It is weather resistant and can be left out in the rain all year round.
    Whilst our Wicker furniture is designed for the outdoors and is very durable, you can extend its life even longer by keeping it under a covered patio or using our all-weather covers for extra protection.
  2. Easy to Maintain: You will have no problems keeping your new Wicker furniture looking as good as new for many years into the future.
    Simply wipe it over with a damp cloth whenever you notice that it needs a little spruce up and that’s all you need to do.
  3. Looks great: If you want stylish and modern furniture for your outdoor living spaces, you can’t go wrong with Wicker furniture.
    We offer complete patio sets, dining and lounge settings in very popular modern colours: charcoal hazelnut brown or liquorice black for the Wicker with black and white stripes, grey brown, charcoal or cream for the cushions.
  4. Very affordable: Depending on the size of your outdoor living area, you can purchase all of your furniture at a very reasonable price.
    The added benefit is that it is long lasting, durable and will keep looking fabulous for years and years.

Outdoor living Australia

If you want to investigate how our Wicker furniture can give you a fabulous outdoor living area, check out our patio sets, dining settings and lounge settings or visit one of our showrooms. Based in Sydney, Australia.

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