Backyard Makeover

Black outdoor wicker sun loungers

Are you considering a backyard makeover? If your sunroom or pool area has seen better days, then maybe it’s time to think about investing in some quick and easy renovations? Swimming pool renovations can significantly increase the value of your home and transform your outdoor lifestyle, and if you stick to the basics, they don’t have to blow your budget!

New paving

No backyard makeover is complete without quality paving, so if your patio area has cracked tiles or concrete with grass and weeds poking through, it might be time to rip it all up and start fresh. After all, a sunroom looking out over a contemporary and well-maintained patio adds another layer of sophistication to your home.

There is nothing quite like a brand new patio peppered with a few wicker sun lounges and umbrellas for giving your pool a completely new ambience.



Dead and dying plants are the next step in your backyard makeover because they don’t do much for the ambience around your pool. So check landscaping magazines for inspiration and with the right selection of plants, your swimming pool renovations will be off to a great start!

Add in a comfortable wicker outdoor setting or sun lounge and your pool area will be the envy of family and friends.

Water features

Water features can be purchased off the shelf, so think about including waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, water slides and even a diving board in your swimming pool renovations. A more traditional styled home might suit waterfalls and fountains, whereas a more modern home might suit water slides and bubblers.

It doesn’t really matter what type of water feature you install, as long as it suits your family’s needs. Can you see yourself lying on your wicker sun lounge in your sunroom and watching the kids having a hoot racing down the water slide into the pool?

Pool lighting

Including new LED lighting in your swimming pool renovations is a great idea. Whether above ground or in the pool, LED lights can make a huge difference to the usability and the ambience of your pool. Choose from flush or surface mounted underwater LED pool lights, LED garden or flood lighting, feature lighting and even floating LED lights. However, if you need to retrofit underwater lights in your pool, then the surface mounted option is the easiest to install.

Pool fences

If your pool fence has seen better days or isn’t compliant with council laws, your backyard makeover will need to include a replacement fence. Whilst the regular railing pool fences are your cheapest option, if you can stretch your budget to include a frameless glass pool fence, you will never regret your investment.

These glass fences are the ultimate in swimming pool renovations, making small gardens look much larger and giving you a clear view of the pool area from your sunroom. Just imagine lying on your wicker sun lounges and having an uninterrupted view of the pool and your gardens – priceless!

Wicker sun lounges

Wicker is an awesome material for outdoor furniture or for your sunroom, as it is weather and mould resistant and doesn’t rot or fade in the sun. At My Wicker, one of our most popular items is our wicker sun lounge with padded cushions and a modern streamlined look.

Available in two trendy colour schemes – charcoal hazelnut with grey-brown fabric or liquorice black with a charcoal fabric, they will add a sophisticated ambience to your swimming pool renovations.

For more outdoor wicker furniture ideas for your backyard makeover, visit one of our furniture stores in Brisbane or Sydney or call us on 1300 886 541 for a chat about your requirements.